Pre-K Early Learning Center

Contact Person:   Gina Chorma

Phone:   (618) 206-2476 or (618) 632-3621

Fax:   (618) 632-9258

Location:  Marie Schaefer School

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2013-2014 School Year Registration


 By appointment

Marie Schaefer Elementary School

Preschool entrance on Cherry St. 

  Come and join us for a great year of learning and fun.  We have spaces available in our programs for children between the ages of three through five.  Your child will learn skills needed to be successful learners through a combination of a preschool curriculum and play based learning.  We bring the best of both worlds to your child.  Our teachers are always assessing the skills of the students and planning engaging activities to scaffold learning and challenge the children while also making learning fun.  We hope you will check us out!

 For information: email the Preschool Director or call the Preschool Office at 206-2476.


Physical and immunization form are not needed at time of registration. 




Tuition Preschool CLasses are open to any child between the ages three through five within the O'Fallon community.  Preschool classes are designed to provide a strong foundation of learning for our youngest students prior to entering kindergarten.  Studies indicate that children who participate in high quality early childhood development programs tend to have higher scores on math and reading achievement tests, greater language abilities, less grade retention, higher levels of school attainment, and less need for special education and other remedial work.

Classes located at Marie Schaefer School

Preschool Plus:

Hours:  Open from 7:00 am- 5:30 pm


Bees:  Three and Young Four Year olds

Tigers: Three and Young Four Year Olds

Bears:  Four and Five Year Olds

Frogs:  Four and Five Year Olds

Fireflies: Four and Five Year Olds


5 days/ week:  $612/month

3 days/week:  $377/month

2 days/week:  $252/month

*CHASI accepted for full day classrooms

Early Achiever's:

Hours:  AM Class (Three and Young Four Year olds)   8:45-11:45

PM Class (Four and Five Year Olds)  12:45-3:45



Chicks:  AM Class 

Polar Pals: PM Class


5 days/week:  $273/month

3 days/week:  $182/month

2 days/week:  $124/month



 Preschool For All: Pre-Kindergarten 

 Teachers: Amy Little and Rachel Shannon

Am Class: 9:00-11:30 PM Class: 12:30-3:00

Classes located at Marie Schaefer School

State funded Pre-kindergarten classroom for children between ages three through five who may be at risk of academic failure.  Eligibility for attendance based upon child's development, income, health issues, family stress factors, and educational needs.  

Fees: None

Transportation:  Family transported/ No bus transportation



 Early Childhood Special Education


Am Class: 8:45- 11:25 Pm Class: 12:45-3:25

Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) services are provided for all young children with disabilities. Early childhood special education eligibility criteria are used for initial eligibility determination for students who are identified as disabled and are three to five years of age. The district is required by law to provide free and appropriate special education services in the least restrictive environment for eligible students on their third birthday.

Fees:  None

Transportation:  Bus transportation provided